INÇNET is a set of web-based applications designed to help it's users with everyday things.
It is powered by advanced technologies and dedicated developers. We aim to reduce human effort using technology.

Levent Erol ('14):
The founder of the Team, the creator of INÇNET idea and the first developer of it. He developed until v1.2, and also many of the modules of INÇNET. He is now studying in Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Developer Team drop
Arman Özcan ('21) : Member of Developer Team.
Bahar Kahraman ('21) : Member of Developer Team.
Berke Cüra ('20) : Member of Developer Team.
Berke Ünal ('21) : Member of Developer Team.
Ege Feyzioğlu ('19): Head of Developer Team.
Ender Okur ('21) : Member of Developer Team.
Görkem Topal ('19): Current head of the INÇNET Team.
Kerem Öner ('21) : Member of Developer Team.
Mert Eren Karabulut ('20) : Head Assistant of Developer Team.

Design Team drop
Berke Filiz ('19) : Member of Design Team.
Görkem Topal ('19): Head of the Design Team.

Old Members drop
Ada Dikici ('18): Old designer for the re-write of INÇNET.
Barış Demirel ('16): Old developer and co-creator of the module Weekend Departures. Worked on the re-write of the INÇNET.
Barkın Şimşek ('17): Creator of the old mobile version of INÇNET. Also old designer for the re-write.
Berk Can Özmen ('16): Creator of most of the celebrations. Worked on the re-write of INÇNET.
Dilge Gül ('18): Old designer and icon creator for the re-write of INÇNET.
Göktuğ Çağlar Gönüller('18): Old designer for the re-write of INÇNET and new celebrations creator. Hakan Dingenç ('16): Co-creator of the module Weekend Departures. Worked on the re-write of the INÇNET.
Halil Utku Ünlü ('15): Old developer and co-creator of the enrollment system for our school. Now, he is the head of the school web site team.
İdil Duman ('18): Old designer for the re-write of INÇNET.
Hazal Ergelen ('18): Old designer and icon creator for the re-write of the system.
Murat Kaan Meral ('18): Creator of the mobile version of INÇNET. Worked on the re-write.
Senanur Bayram ('18): Old designer for the re-write of the system.

As the technology pioneer of TEVITOL, we make use of the best technology available.
We use open-source software to make our products more reliable and robust. Here are some of the technologies we use:

PHP: Php is the heart of INÇNET. Everything you do on INÇNET is processed by code written in php.
SQL: All the information in the system is kept in an SQL database. SQL is the industry leading database solution used by millions of users worldwide.
MD5 Hashing: Here at INÇNET, we support privacy. User passwords are kept as hashes instead of strings. This keeps your password safe from people.
Linux Servers: INÇNET runs on Linux servers that are designed for security, high performance and reliability. Most of the important work is done on Linux computers aroud the world.
Javascript: INÇNET uses Javascript -and the jQuery framework- to give you a decent graphical interface.
AJAX: The changes in INÇNET led to use of AJAX, to create asynchronous web pages.

Information Policy:
We know how information is important in the age we live. For everyone's security, we try to get as less information about you as possible. The information we collect from you, are used by school administration, and sometimes us, to give you a better experience of INÇNET.

Privacy Policy:
We are a bunch of kids playing 'programmer' on the interwebs. We put stuff here and there but we really have no idea what we are doing. We just like to act cool, create interfaces but we can't do any real programming.

Even though we are in a serious business, we do have sense of humour -in some sense- . INÇNET is full of easter eggs and we will continue to add more. All you have to do is search for them. Don't forget to tell us about it if you find any!

  Change Log is added.
  Summary of the modules are added to homepage.
  Homepage is re-written in an Object-Oriented way.
  UI has changed, header is used more effectively, sidebar is removed and only the center of the page is used, instead.
  Login and index is merged into one index, and AJAX is used.

  Weekly Bulletin & Exam Schedule is added.
  Some bugs are fixed in etut module.
  Writeups page activated.
  Troubles and bugs are fixed in mobile version.

v1.4.1: Coming Soon
  Activity Calendar & Registration page is added.
  Password sender is working now.

That's true that, we live and think like machine-at least some of us-, but we're still human beings. We can make mistakes and errors, and we do. If you ever encounter any bugs , please let us know. You can either tell us in school, or e-mail us.